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Select your game theme. Theme settings are set by your instructor and cannot be changed.

*Note that for this low-fidelity prototype, these themes are not functional. Any selection will move to the Secret Recipe game.
Soccer Team

Perfect Soccer Shots

Your team is down by 5 goals. Time is running out for a comeback. You need to make 5 perfect shots to force extra time and extend your team's season. Can you master the perfect soccer shots?
Cooking in Campervan

Secret Recipe

All your friends are coming over for dinner tonight. You fell asleep and just woke up. Can you whip up the perfect meal to impress under pressure or will it be too hot to handle?
Girl at Playground

Jungle Gym Jingle

Kids are disapperaing at a mysterious jungle gym. It's up to you to uncover its secret and rescue all the kids. Can you crack the mystery that lies within these colorful walls?

Animal Tracks

You are part of a team of zoologists that just stumbled across some unique animal tracks in Zambia. Can you follow the tracks and discover the animal that left them or end up going off-track?
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