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You love cooking! Your dream is to one day become a chef and open up your own restaurant with dishes inspired by your family traditions and favorite places you've visited. You love cooking everything, but your speciality is fusion foods.

Easter Food
Sharing Food
Food Photography

You're still learning how to cook, but all your friends have asked to try your food! You decide it might be time for them to try your food and get feedback on some of the dishes you're experimenting.


Today is the day! You invited ten of your closest friends for dinner and board games. Since your friends come from different backgrounds, you decide to prepare a variety of foods. Here's your proposed dinner menu:


Cheesy Chicago Spinach Artichoke Dip


Chinese Ho Fun with TexMex Chicken Kabobs

Vietnamese Pho Tai Nam


Fried French Vanilla Ice Cream

Chocolate Hawaiian Lava Cake

After planning the menu, you estimate that you'll need around 3 hours to cook all the dishes with some buffer time built in. After running around the grocery store all morning, you decide to rest on the couch. You open your eyes and realize that you accidentially fell asleep! Oh no! You glance at the clock and it's now 4pm. Your guests will arrive at 6pm giving you only 2 hours to cook everything!

Lunch Table

You scramble around to see what things you still need to do. You decide to set the dinner table before cooking.

Each guest needs:

1 Appetizer Plate

1 Dinner Plate

1 Set of Silverware (Fork, Knife, Spoon)

1 Drink Cup

1 Cloth Napkin

How many chairs do you need for tonight?

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